Xiaomi Conference Tapcast

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Brand Xiaomi

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Transmitting ports: 68g

Receiving ports: 42.8g

Transmitting ports Size: 156.6 x 80.5 x 15.4mm

Receiving ports Size: 106.8 x 29.4 x 15.4mm

4K Ultra HD Transmission and High speed Bands

Tap To cast wireless Connection: TV, Projector, Monitor

General Features:

Easy to Operate Plug and Play

Multiple devices simultaneous connections

No Wi-Fi, wiring or driver installation required

Stable and smooth Ethernet-like performance

5m Recommended Distance

The projecting device needs to have Type-C ports that support DisplayPort signal output.

Multiple devices simultaneous connections requires multiple projectors to work together. One receiving port can be paired up with multiple transmitting ports at the same time.

Casting to multiple receiving ports from a single transmitting port is currently not supported.

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