Terms and Conditions for the Accidental Damage &Robbery with Violence insurance for Electrical/Electronic Appliances

    • General Definitions.
  • Insurance Certificate: The insurance document (policy) concluded between the insured and the insurer that includes the terms of the contract between the two parties, their obligations, commitments and their rights or the rights of the beneficiary from the insurance and any endorsements to this policy.
  • the Accidental Damage &Robbery with Violence insurance for Electrical/Electronic Appliances.
  • Insured Person: The natural or legal person identified in the Insurance Certificate, that owns the Electrical/Electronic Appliances included under the cover of this Insurance Certificate, and who is entitled, where fitting, to the rights derived from the insurance certificate.
  • Insurer: 000000000000000000000 ; the insurance company issuing the Insurance Certificate.
  • Beneficiary: The person who acquired the rights of the insurance contract initially or transferred to him legally.
  • Incident: A claim related to the Insurance Certificate raised by the Insured Person to the Assistance Company claiming the benefit of such Insurance Certificate..
  • The Assistance Company: Arab Assist BSC (c), the company providing the benefits described in the Certificate directly or by means of its network.
  • Insured Good: Electrical/Electronic Appliance which is the subject of the Insurance Certificate.
  • Accidental damage: means accidental physical breakage, destruction or failure of your covered product(s) due to an unforeseen event which causes physical damage to the Insured Good and that prevents it from operating correctly.
  • Intentional damage: Means any loss arising out of any act, or wilful neglect by the Insured Person to commit or conspire to commit with the intent to cause a loss, including imposition of any abnormal conditions to the Insured Good.
  • Robbery with violence :Means the taking of the Insured Good from the Insured Person using violence.
  • Purchase price: Means the price effectively paid by Insured Person and as evidenced on the sales receipt or invoice, for the Insured Good. The priceincludesany duty, levy or tax raised by any competent authority in the Hasimite kingdom of Jordan.
  • Age of Insured Goods: References in this insurance certificate to Age will be understood from the period running from the date of purchase of the Insured Good.
  • Abrasion means: The process of scraping or wearing down by friction. A wearing, grinding, or rubbing away by friction which in any instance don’t arise as a result of the normal wear and tear of the Insured Good
  • Economic Limit: means the thresholds set forth in the conditions of this insurance certificate, or relevant plan, and which represent the maximum benefits covered under each Insurance Certificate.
  • Negligence : means is any damage / loss caused due to careless or irresponsible behaviours by the beneficiary
  • Breakdown: Any deterioration or destruction of the Terminal that is the result of some external, accidental, unpredictable cause and prevents the Terminal from functioning correctly partially or completely. A breakdown event shall not be deemed a Force Majeure event.


    • Accidental Damage

Subject to sections 3, 4, 5and 6 below, the Insurer shall bear the costs of repairing or replacing the Insured Good, in case Accidental Damage, as a result of the following sudden  causes:

  • Sand damages.
  • Water damages.
  • Damages caused by humidity.
  • Damages caused by dropping or impacts.
  • Accidental damage due to Robbery with violence.


  • Robbery

Subject to section 3, 4, 5 and 6 below, and in case of Robbery the Insurer shall bear the costs of replacing the Insured Good.


These covers set out in section 2.1 above are limited to:

  1. Labour cost for the repair or replacement of the faulty or damaged part(s) on the Insured Good
  1. The cost of the part(s) used to replace the faulty or damaged part(s).
  2. The replacement of the Insured Good within identical or similar device with equivalent characteristics and quality in case of Robbery Violence.
  3. The replacement of the Insured Good with an identical or similar device having equivalent characteristics and quality in case of Accidental Damage, when the Insured Good is not repairable, or in case the cost of repairing the Insured Good is higher than its replacement.
  4. Subject to sub-section 6 below, at the time of the claim the total amount of repairs and/or replacement should not exceed the original Purchase Price of the Insured Good.
  5. The total amount payable by the Insurer in the case of repair or replacement  of the Insured Good will be subject to the following:


12 Months Certificate– Excess Details


Age of Insured Good in months

in case of replacement

In case of repair


xx$ Excess

xx $ Excess



    • The Insured Person may subscribe an Accidental Damage & Robbery with Violence cover for 12 month the details of which are set out in sub-section (6) above.
    • This insurance is not transferable to any subsequent owner of the Insured Device
    • The Insurance Certificate must be purchased at the same date and time of purchasing the Insured Good.
    • This Insurance Certificate is not renewable.
    • The device besides the general information must be identified on the Insurance Certificate with the following: IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) for mobile phones /ESN or IMEI number sticker for tablets (and if having phone function, must also include IMEI) and serial number for Electrical/Electronic Appliances .
    • The Insured Person is entitled 1 replacement for the duration of the Insurance Certificate.
    • The Insured Person is entitled 1 claim repair for the duration of the Insurance Certificate.
    • The maximum limit for the repair or replacement costs for the whole duration of the Insurance Certificate will be in any case, the purchase value of the Insured good.
    • The Insurance Certificate shall automatically terminate upon claiming to the purchase value of the Insured good repairs or when the insured device replaced with the new one replacement without prejudice to the exclusions of these general conditions and the covered limits.
    • Short Period Clause

Term of Insurance

Company Retains out of the Annual Premium

Not exceeding 2 Weeks


Not exceeding 1 Month


Not exceeding 2 Months


Not exceeding 3 Months


Not exceeding 4 Months


Not exceeding 5 Months


Not exceeding 6 Months


Not exceeding 7 Months


Not exceeding 8 Months


Not exceeding 9 Months


Exceeding 9 Months




The following cases are excluded from the scope of the Insurance Certificate:


  1. Transportation or shipping costs borne by Insured Person to and from authorizedrepair facility designated by Assistance Company.
  2. Repairs or replace of the device conducted without previous permission from the Assistance Company.
  3. Any Force Majeure event as defined by competent courts or laws in the Hasimite kingdom of Jordan such as earth movement, including but not limited to earthquake, subsidence, sinkhole collapse, landslide, mudslide, earth sinking or tsunami; nuclear Hazard, reaction or radiation or radioactive contamination, however caused; war, including undeclared or civil war, military force insurrection, rebellion, usurped power or action taken by government authority.
  4. Custody or safekeeping expenses prior to giving the Insured Good to authorized repair facility designated by Assistance Company
  5. Goods that are not mentioned on the Insured Goods list.
  6. Any kind of Civil Liability incurred by the Insured Person.
  7. Any damage and loss reimbursable under any other insurance or manufacture Warranty.
  8. Products which are acquired outside the territory of the Hasimite kingdom of Jordan.
  9. Robbery Violence or damage as a result of an attempted theft of insured device from any vehicle or premises left unlocked unless the equipment is out of sight and evidence of forcible and violent entry to the vehicle or premises is provided or unless you are in the vehicle or premises.
  10. Fraudulent Claim: If the Insured Person make a claim knowing the claim to be false or fraudulently exaggerated in any respect or make a statement in support of a claim knowing the statement to be false in any respect or submit a document in support of a claim knowing the document to be forged or false in any respect or make a claim in respect of any Burglary, Loss or Accidental Damage caused by the Insured Person wilful act or with the intent to defraud the Insurer and Assistance Company, Then the claim will be declined and your insurance certificate will be cancelled without notice with no refund of premium. If the fraud or bad faith is denied by the insured, then the insurer must, upon requesting the cancellation of the policy, to refund the insured the amount of premium from which he did not bear any risk (i.e. remaining policy period while cover is not in force).
  11. The Insurer and Assistance Company may be entitled to recover from Insured Person the cost of any claim already paid under this Insurance Certificate (if necessary the cost may be recovered through the instigation of court proceedings). Insurer and Assistance Company may also be entitled to recover from Insured Person the cost of any investigation into a fraudulent claim under this Insurance Certificate (if necessary the cost may be recovered through the instigation of court proceedings).

Accidental Damage exclusions:

  1. Accidental damage or losses that occur outside the territory of the Hashemite kingdom of Jordan..
  2. Those accidental damages due to the power source, electrical dripping, inadequate connection to the electrical network, adaptors, stabilizers, peak suppressors, or other appliances.
  3. Normal wear and tear, obsolescence.
  4. Damage caused by sweat or condensation, even where this entails fading or loss of enamel coating on the screen.
  5. Slight damage of insured Good chipped at edges or minimally, which do not impair visibility and normal use of the terminal. slight damage shall not include cracking of the screen.
  6. Cost of disassembling the device for the diagnosis, when the accidental damage is not covered under this insurance certificate for any reason.
  7. Accidental damages due to repairs, modifications, action on the device of a technician not authorized by the manufacturer or the Assistance Company, or use of the device not in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  8. Accidental damages of aesthetic or structural parts, such as the casing, frame or any decoration. Scratches, dents or aesthetic/ cosmetic damage that does not impede the proper functioning of the device
  9. Manufacturing defects acknowledged or accepted by the manufacturer, as well as epidemic failures.
  10. Any Accidental damage caused by pre-existent defects.
  11. Failures caused by mishandling or inadequate use, including but not limited to: bumps or hits, heat or cold exceeding the manufacturer’s indications, and voltage changes.
  12. Aesthetic defects, corrosion and rust, whether caused by normal wear and tear or accelerated by environmental circumstances.
  13. Failures or elements not expressly included in the manufacturer’s warranty certificate.
  14. Removal and reinstallation of interlocking appliances.
  15. Accidental damages of accessories or complements, such as remote control, adapters, battery chargers, transformers, external cables, buttons, handles, antennae, recipients, connectors, plugs, etc.
  16. Accidental damages caused by accessories not approved by the manufacturer, as well as by failures in generators or transformers in general unless supplied directly by the manufacturer.
  18. Software (including operating systems) loss or failure which shall be covered only if part of the Accidental Damage repair.
  19. Damage or failure of the device due to: a software virus; the configuration of user settings, or the process of backing up or recovery of data, loss, corruption, or damage to data operating systems.
  20. Intentional Damage.
  21. Claims not attributable to a single specific event as listed in this Insurance Certificate.
  22. Loss or damage caused by incorrect storage, poor maintenance, wilful negligence, incorrect installation, incorrect set up, unless the authorized service centre representative would confirm otherwise with due substantiation
  23. Loss or damage that is covered by a supplier, dealer or factory warranty.
  24. Any type of self-repair or attempted self-repair.
  25. Any claims within 30 days of the incident date of a previous successful claim.
  26. Accidental damage cover is not applicable if model number or serial number on Electrical/Electronic Appliances or IMEI/ESN number sticker of the mobile phone is removed, altered, damaged, defaced, smudged or erased.
  27. All the  water proof devices (confirmed by factory) are exclusion for water damage


Robbery with Violence exclusions:

  1. Robbery Violence and Fraudulent Use losses that occur outside Jordan.
  2. Mysterious disappearance, circumstances or unexplained reasons
  3. Robbery with Violence of the device from unattended vehicles, except from fully enclosed car that is securely locked.
  4. Device kept in a shared hallway, communal area, or a utility room in a block of flats, it is not covered.
  5. Robbery or Burglary of the insured device when left unattended in a place to which the public has access at the time of the incident.


  1. Insurance Certificate Termination:
  2. In case the Assistance Company or Insurer discovers that the Insured Person is not eligible for the insurance coverage due to not meeting the criteria of the insurance conditions listed in Section 5, the Assistance Company or Insurer reserves its right to terminate the policy immediately and refund the full premium to the Insured Person. Such a condition shall be applied up to a maximum period of twenty two days (22) from the certificate issuance date. For the avoidance of doubt, should the Insured Person claim the benefit of the certificate during the above mentioned twenty two days (22) period, Assistance Company or Insurer shall not be allowed to prevent the Insured Person from benefiting of the coverage under the Insurance Certificate.


  1. The Company shall have the right to terminate the insurance contract if the Company is unable to fulfill the requirements for verifying the identity of the Insured and in the event of suspicion of a transaction related to money laundering or the financing of terrorism as per the Anti-money laundering and terrorism financing in insurance activities instructions No. 2 year 2016 and its amendments.


  1. This Insurance may be cancelled at any time at the request of the Insured, subject to notice in writing to that effect being given to the Insurer, in which case the company will retain the customary short period rate (according to short period schedule attached) for the time the policy has been in force.


  1. The Insurance may also at any time be cancelled at the option of the company on a thirty day notice in writing to that effect being given to the Insured, in which case the company shall be liable to repay on demand a rateable proportion of the premium for the unexpired term from the date of cancellation


  1. Replacement of Device by Manufacturer Warranty Provider

In the event insured device is replaced by manufacturer warranty provider due to manufacture fault and insured needs to update his/her certificate data, insured shall provide official proof from manufacturer warranty provider which shows that the replacement of device and such a proof shall contain the details of both devices such IMEI / serial number, brand and model of the devices. Such request shall be reported to the administrator company within a maximum period of 96 hours from the date of device replacement otherwise the administrator company reserves its right to reject the request (Unless it appears that the delay was an acceptable excuse).


The Insured Person must contact  the Assistance Company’s  (the details of which are set out in the Insurance Certificate) within  a maximum period of 3 working days from the date of Accidental Damage and within a maximum of 24 hours from the time of Robbery with Violence and Fraudulent Use. The Insured Person then is required to and to submit  the required documents or device to the authorized repair facility designated by Assistance Company within a maximum of 5 working days  from the date of notification of the claim to the Assistance Company’s Claim Department.  Noting that any Claim as result of negligence is not covered.


No claim will be undertaken by Assistance Company unless notified in accordance with the terms of this section (Unless it appears that the delay was an acceptable excuse).


The Insured Person must provide the Assistance Company with the following documents:

  • Copy of the Insured Person identification: CPR, passport.
  • Device serial number (IMEI).
  • Copy of the Insurance Certificate.
  • Claims form to be filled out at the time of submitting the damaged device to the appointed workshop.
  • In case of Robbery with Violence. Original copy of the report filed with the competent authority, such report must contains full details and proper /clear explanations about the case including the details of the device covered.
  • In case of Robbery with Violence: payment receipt from the SIM provider of the SIM replacement.

The Assistance Company will arrange the repair the covered breakdowns or damages in a Arab Assist’s authorized repair facility, under these Terms and Conditions and in accordance with the Insured Person who is required to allow access to the Insured Goods or their transfer where necessary.